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Transforming menstrual health education; inspiring future doctors; closing gaps in girls’ and women’s health.

Our Mission

The Period Education Project is transforming menstrual health education by equipping medical students with the knowledge and confidence to deliver a judgment-free understanding of periods for youth of all genders in community settings.

“Improving women’s health starts with improving young women’s health first.”


– Dr. Melisa Holmes, OBGYN, FACOG, Period Education Project Co-Founder 


It’s more than understanding what a period is.

The Period Education Project is a 501(c)(3) physician-led organization that works to improve access to menstrual health education. When youth understand menstrual health, they are prepared to advocate for their own health and recognize troubling health conditions, leading to earlier treatment and better outcomes. Educating all young people with this essential health care education can have a lasting impact on improving girls’ and women’s health.

“As a pediatrician, I see too many young people who can’t even talk about menstruation or their bodies because they don’t have the understanding or the comfort.”


– Dr. Trish Hutchison, FAAP, Period Education Project Co-Founder and Executive Director

Meet the physicians leading the movement to improve menstrual health education.

Knowledgable youth become healthier adults.

Youth who receive menstrual health education:

Normalize menstruation which lessens taboos and stigma

Grow up with less anxiety about their bodies and their health

Gain insight into what’s normal and what needs medical attention

Become better advocates for their health

Put your trust in us!

Period education project

Medically-accurate content that is rooted in science

Created by nationally recognized physicians

Supported by medical schools nationwide

Laser-focused menstrual health education outside the context of puberty and sex ed

Workshops facilitated by trained medical students from diverse backgrounds

Partner with youth serving community organizations to provide vital education rarely taught in schools

Take away the taboo.

Half of the world’s population menstruates, yet periods remain a topic cloaked in taboo and stigma. This affects girls’ and women’s confidence, awareness, and their willingness to explore healthy solutions.

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Why do young people need menstrual health education?

by the numbers


of women admit to feeling ashamed when they menstruate


of women confess to hiding a sanitary product on their way to the bathroom


of girls experience menstrual related physical symptoms

 girls in the U.S. miss school because they don’t have period protection

The small number of states requiring medically accurate reproductive health education

the average number of YEARS a woman has symptoms before being diagnosed with endometriosis

of low income women and girls do not have access to adequate period products

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