Get to know the Period Education Project

The Period Education Project (P.E.P.) partners trained medical students with youth-serving community based organizations to provide educational workshops (P.E.P. Rallies) on menstrual health, an important component in eliminating period poverty.

What makes our community-based menstrual health programs so effective?

What we do

Expert Designed

Our menstrual health education content is developed by nationally recognized physicians.

National Reach

Partnering with select medical schools, we train medical students as Period Pros as a cost effective way to scale quality education.

Local Impact

Our team collaborates with community organizations to deploy our Period Pros and create lasting impact on young women’s health.

What’s in a PEP Rally?

PEP Rallies

In every period education workshop, Period Pros lead youth through engaging and interactive discussions teaching:

  • Female reproductive anatomy
  • The menstrual cycle
  • Menstrual & health tracking
  • Normal and abnormal menses
  • Safe & reliable options for period management
  • Stigma reducing mythbusting
  • Local resources providing free period products
  • Trusted resources for additional menstrual health information

Why We’re Hyping-up Menstrual Health?

A history of limited education within a culture of stigma has created generations of women who don’t know how their bodies work and systems where menstrual health is often ignored or dismissed.

When young people get this essential education they:

Eliminate stigmas associated with menstruation

Become more confident and informed adults

Learn how to advocate better for their own health

With your support we can:

Reduce intrinsic medical bias around women and menstrual symptoms

Change a system that has too often missed important opportunities for prevention or early intervention

Help communities create greater equity by reducing interruptions caused by a normal biologic process


“By normalizing menstruation and raising awareness of normal and abnormal symptoms, we can reduce the health burden of missed or delayed diagnoses related to conditions like endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, clotting abnormalities, and infertility.”


– Melisa Holmes, MD, OBGYN, Period Education Project Co-Founder 

PEP Power – How We Help


Youth Participants

  • Raise confidence and reduce stigma by normalizing menstruation
  • Equip youth with essential menstrual health information to establish a foundation for reproductive wellness
  • Gain preventative skills by learning normal & abormal menstrual symptoms, period product safety, and health tracking
  • Connect with trusted resources for free period products and additional education resources

Medical Students

  • Grasp clinical aspects of adolescent menstrual health
  • Serve as a role model to under-resourced youth in your community
  • Improve public speaking & communication skills by teaching youth and adults
  • Engage with your community through service that is educational and fulfilling

Community Organizations

  • Offer group education programs to enhance self-confidence, reduce misinformation and stigma
  • Provide vital education that is medically-accurate and age-appropriate
  • Engage with medical students or physicians in training who serve as role-models for youth in your community
  • Improve women’s health with preventative education

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