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Eliminate barriers to factual menstrual health education that is rarely covered in schools and healthcare visits

Support adolescents in developing more confidence and less anxiety about their bodies and their health

Create better future doctors by equipping medical students with knowledge and confidence through our Period Pro training

Close gaps in girls' and women's health by providing information on adolescent menstrual patterns to identify symptoms that may require medical attention for prevention and early intervention

Reduce generational misinformation and improve communication between youth and their supporting adults

Lessen taboos and stigma by busting myths and normalizing menstruation

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With your help, we’re improving girls’ and women’s health.

Your donation provides under-resourced youth the essential education they need.


“Great introduction to what changes my daughter can expect. The information was very informative and presented at an appropriate age level for the audience. This class has definitely opened up avenues of conversations… I highly recommend!” 


– Period Education Project Member