A Doctor is a Teacher

by Jan 12, 2021Blog, Favorite, Period Pros in the Field

Dr. Lonna Gordon, Adolescent Medicine Specialist and National Director of the P.E.P. recently shared this message with Period Pros. It holds true for all current and future medical students.

Many titles have been attributed to doctors.  Healer, Teacher, Diagnostician, Guide, Leader, Advisor, Team Member. To me the most important is “Teacher.” 

A doctor teaches patients what their diagnosis is and how to best treat it.  A doctor teaches patients how to live their best lives despite a diagnosis.  A doctor teaches patients how to prevent a diagnosis.  However we also teach so much more about health, wellness, how our bodies work, and society.  In the process of teaching we also become students learning from our patients, their families, our colleagues, and support staff. 

Being a Girlology Period Pro gives you the opportunity to step into and grow in this critical title of “Teacher”. This experience is not only going to benefit you in the type of doctor you become but each of your future patients as well.