Eliminating Shame & Stigma

by Jan 12, 2021Favorite, Period Pros in the Field

In medicine, there are so many difficult conversations. Some are sad. Some are complicated. Some are just plain awkward, especially when they involve topics that have traditionally been stigmatized or taboo.

The last thing you want to do as a physician is endorse the stigma through your own discomfort.

Being a Period Pro gives you opportunities to practice these types of conversations with youth and their supporting adults.

  • You’ll speak frankly about genital anatomy and menstrual flow (you’ll get better at it, even if you’re already pretty comfortable).
  • You’ll hear the types of questions your future patients will ask.
  • You’ll learn which responses resonate or don’t.
  • You’ll become better at open, honest, accurate, and non-judgmental communication.

Most of all, as you become comfortable having conversations that normalize bodies and the way they function, you’ll begin to erase stigma and empower girls to advocate for their health with greater confidence.

~Dr. Melisa