First Official P.E.P. Rally ????

by Jan 16, 2021Blog, Community Partner Stories, Favorite

The Girlology Foundation partnered with GirlUp Greenville to host its first official student-led P.E.P. Rally. Lead Period Pros, Shakti Naidoo and Davlyn Luke, who helped develop the program, presented it via zoom to middle school participants. GirlUp Greenville serves marginalized middle school and high school girls in the Greenville, SC community through enrichment and empowering experiences. 

The partnership between GirlUp and Girlology was a great match. GirlUp Greenville founder, Kim Mogen, recognized that the girls she supports deserve accurate and positive reproductive health education. The Period Pros from the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville have been eager to share what they’ve learned about puberty and menstrual health through their volunteer work with Girlology. Boom. 

According to Dr. Melisa Holmes, Girlology Foundation Co-Founder who trained the medical students and observed the first PEP Rally, “Having medical students leading these programs is magical because the young girls look up to these future doctors and trust them. And the med students are so eager to help – not only as educators, but in a compassionate and mentoring way.”  

In one part of the PEP Rally, the med students present hypothetical scenarios where the girls are asked to give advice to a friend. Dr. Holmes noted, “After this first PEP Rally, the medical students’ faces were beaming as they told me how excited they were when the girls gave all the right advice. Shakti and Davlyn were thrilled to know they had helped the girls learn important health information that they could apply in their own lives or when helping a friend.”


“The Girlology PEP Rally was a well-rounded, educational class for our girls. The Period Pros acknowledged the awkwardness that comes from speaking about periods and body parts, which set a comfortable tone and helped the dialogue. The conversation style of the class allowed the girls to open up and engage in the material. This class is instrumental in empowering girls to take ownership of their menstrual health and destigmatize conversations around periods. We definitely recommend the Girlology PEP Rally for anyone seeking to learn more about how their bodies work and engage in meaningful conversation.”

Kim Mogen 
GirlUp Greenville