Book a Period Pro event for your group

When you schedule a Period Pro Event for your group or organization your donation helps underserved youth get the essential health education they deserve.

It’s more than understanding what a period is!

Our Period Pros will lead your group through an engaging and interactive workshop covering:

Female Anatomy

The Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual & Health Tracking

Normal & Abnormal Symptoms

Safe & Reliable Options for Period Management

Stigma Reducing Mythbusting


“Young people rarely get the chance to learn about menstrual health outside the context of puberty and sex ed. They need this for their health – now and in the future.”

– Dr. Melisa holmes,
OBGYN & Period Education Project Co-Founder 

Learn more about the Period Education Project

The Period Education Project is a 501(c)(3) that specializes in improving access to menstrual health education. We provide no-cost educational programs to underserved youth so all menstruators are prepared to advocate for their own health and recognize health conditions — leading to earlier treatment and better outcomes. Educating youth with this essential health education can have a lasting impact on improving women’s health.

What makes our Period Pro events so fun and effective?

PEP Events

Nationally Recognized Doctors

Created by the founders of Girlology our Period Pro events are ideal for girls 12+, provide medically-accurate content and are designed to build every girl’s confidence!

Gather your Friends

Our 90 minute virtual Period Pro events bring friends together. Whether you’re hosting a Girl Scout Troop, athletic team, church group or simply inviting girls from the neighborhood — everyone from anywhere can join!

Hosted By Period Pros

We’ve hand picked and trained the top medical school students from around the country to host your private event. These period pros are experts at making learning about menstrual health engaging and simple.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can we host this for 10 year olds?

PEP Rallies are intended for youth in middle school through college who are familiar with menstruation, but are ready to understand more about menstrual health. If you are interested in puberty education or basic education about periods for youth below the age of 12, we recommend Girlology which provides video-on-demand and live virtual puberty education programs for young people ages 7-8 and up.

For virtual programs is it better for everyone to view from their own device or as a group?

Either option is fine! For groups that are not physically in the same location, individual screens work well. In order for each individual to participate in the discussion and activities, their device should have a camera and speaker.

In group settings, the screen and speakers need to be set up so the whole group can see and hear it clearly. In classroom settings, it works best when the camera faces the classroom so the Period Pros can see their audience. It is also helpful for the teacher to encourage participation with the activities. When questions arise, it can be difficult for the Period Pros to hear participants who are not close to the microphone, so the facilitator/mentor may need to repeat the questions for the Period Pros.

Is this ok for boys?

Yes! We encourage people of any gender to join our PEP Rallies. Boys and men have traditionally been left out of menstrual health education, but it’s important for everyone to understand menstrual health so they can be the supportive and informed friends, citizens, and partners that they want to be. The more we educate the world, the faster we eliminate stigma, normalize menstruation, and improve healthcare for all people who menstruate.

For in-person programs, can we have it at our house?

No. Period Pros are only able to offer in-person programs in public settings such as schools, faith communities, or community centers that are within a 20 mile radius of their medical school campus. If you would like to host an in-person PEP Rally, and are outside the 20 mile radius, please contact us.